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REGIS Connect

REGIS Connect provides full-service enterprise GIS consulting and support services including; GIS project management and strategic planning; GIS data design and development; Global Positioning System (GPS) data collection; data analysis; application development; customized map production; and training. REGIS Connect leverages GIS technology to serve and support all of the GIS and mapping needs of the client city’s various departments so that GIS can be used as an invaluable management and decision-making tool to provide timely and accurate information. REGIS Connect services and products will be tailored to the individual needs of the client agency or department.

GIS Strategic Planning

Help clients explore new ways to leverage GIS technology in order to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and improve customer service to their own constituents and clients.

  • Review of existing system, processes, or workflows
  • Recommendations that provide direction to achieve goals and meet needs
  • Evaluation of alternatives

GIS Project Management

Provide all levels of project management including assessing needs, scheduling tasks, progress monitoring and organizing deliverables in order to ensure that products and solutions are delivered on schedule and on budget.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Project Implementation Plan
  • Workflow Strategy Development

GIS Data Design & Development

Provide GIS database design and development. REGIS Connect will help plan and implement a centralized and secured GIS database consisting of various geospatial data from the various departments in the client city and allowing for data sharing among departments.

  • Data Specification Development
  • Geodatabase Design
  • GIS Data Inventory Assessment
  • Data Conversion and Migration
  • Data Maintenance
  • Data Integration
  • Quality Control

GPS Data Collection

REGIS Connect has extensive experience using Trimble GPS units including Trimble ProXRS system, Yuma, and Juno hand-held units to collect infrastructure data in the field, and build GIS data layers stored in an enterprise GIS database including:

  • Street Lights
  • Street Traffic Signs and Signals
  • Sidewalk Repair Locations
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Storm Drain Catch Basins
  • Irrigation and Landscape Assets
  • Address Points

Application Development

Provide GIS System Analysis and Recommendation Design. Design, develop and deploy customized enterprise-wide GIS applications including:

  • Web GIS
  • Desktop GIS
  • Departmental Intranet GIS Applications
  • Mobile Applications on Multiple Platforms
  • GPS Field Data Collection Applications
  • ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online Web Application Development

Customized Map Production

Design and create customized maps to support each of the departmental needs of the client city or organization as well as to the public including customized digital or hardcopy maps and map books such as:

  • Public Safety Map Books and Block Plans
  • Street Atlas Map
  • Facilities Locations Map
  • Parks and Recreation Map
  • Administrative Boundaries Map
  • Inspection Areas Map
  • School Locations and School Districts Map
  • Parcel Basemap


Provide comprehensive software and applications training including:

  • ESRI’s ArcGIS for Desktop and Extensions
  • ArcGIS for Server and ArcSDE
  • ArcGIS for Mobile and ArcPad for field data collection
  • Developed custom applications for client
  • Technical and Software Support

The following are just some of the GIS services and products we provide to a city or local government, grouped by city department:

Fire Mapbook

Public Safety - Fire | EMS

• Incident/Emergency Management and Mapping
• Incident Command System (ICS) Contingency Flood Plan City Map
• Fire Map Books
• Weed Abatement Inspection Mobile and Web Application

• Street/Centerline data for Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Integration
• Fire Pre-Plans and Pre-Incident Plans
• Incident Hotspot Analysis and Incident Response Analysis
• HAZUS Disaster Modeling
• Fire Station Locations Map


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Active Shooter

Public Safety - Police

• Police Map Books
• Police Reporting Districts and Beat Areas Maps
• GIS data for Crime Analysis
• Service Calls Reporting and Mapping
• Police Pre-Plans for apartment complexes and school buildings


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Fire Mapbook

Administrative Services

• Special Districts Custom Reporting, Mapping and Analysis
• Special Districts Parcel Information Web Application
• Special Districts Delinquency Notification Program
• Special Districts Recordable Mylar Map Production

• Special Districts Tax Roll Management & Submittal Services
• City Facilities Map
• Business Licenses Reporting and Mapping
• Political Boundaries Map
• Parcel Land Base and Basemap Data Layers
• Zip Codes Boundary Map
• HAZUS Disaster Modeling
• Aerial Imagery Map
• Organizational Chart Application for Human Resources
• Mobile Applications (RC2GO)
• School Locations and School Districts Map
• Graphic Design and Printing Services
• City Street Atlas Map
• Rideshare and Commuter Map


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CPA Construction Project Alert


• Construction Project Alert
• Pavement Management Integration
• National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Program and Septic Locations Mapping
• Speed Limits Map

• Truck Routes Map
• Projects and Improvement Plans Maps
• Traffic Counts Map


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Fire Mapbook

Public Works

• Sidewalk Inspection Mobile and Web Application
• Asset Inventory and Mapping including Street Lights, Traffic Signs and Signals, Fiber Optics, Utilities,    Irrigation and Landscape, Storm Drains and Catch Basins
• Trash Pick-up and Street Sweeping Schedule Maps
• Tree Dedication Inventory

• Graffiti Locations Map


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Building and Safety Web Application

Building & Safety | Code Enforcement

• Master Address Data Layer
• Code Violations and History Map and Web Application
• Building Inspector Map
• Building Permits Data

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General Plan & Land Use Map


• Zoning Map
• General Plan and Land Use Maps
• Trails Map
• Historic Preservation Program Mapping

Healthy RC Map

City Manager's Office | City Clerk

• Demographics Reporting and Mapping
• Healthy City Program Mapping
• Voter Registration

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Parks & Amenities Map

Community Services

• Parks and Amenities Map
• Citizen Notification (mailing list generation) for Community Services Activities and Special Events

Historical Web Application

Library Services

• Library Patrons Data
• Historical Landmarks and Aerial Imagery Web Application

Animal License Canvas Map Book

Animal Services

• Animal License Canvass Map Book
• Animal Inspector Map

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